I am frequently asked if there is a connection between my name and the Boykin Spaniel. Indeed there is. My late husband Sam Boykin's great-uncle, "Whit" Boykin, developed the outgoing, easily-trained multipurpose retriever in the early 1900's. The little brown dogs' popularity in the dove field, their aptitude for water retrieving and their flushing abilities have made this South Carolina State Dog a welcome addition to homes and the hunting scene all over the United States and abroad.

Having been introduced years ago to these amazing little dogs by the Boykins of Camden, S.C., now home of the Boykin Spaniel Society, I have become increasingly dedicated to preserving the breed's integrity, original purpose and style and to offering to select individuals and families the opportunity to enjoy owning one of the most adaptable sporting dogs now in existence.

I have a small kennel operation, usually seven to ten young and adult dogs. They are my constant companions and best friends. They are OFA certified for eyes, heart and hips. Breeding great Boykins for sale has proved to be a wonderful way of making new friends and keeping in touch with sportsmen and women throughout the country.

As breeders, we are committed to maintaining the high standards of the Boykin Spaniel Society Code of Ethics. Customers of Hunters Rest Kennels may be assured that their puppy will be bred in strict accordance with practices carefully developed by those who love and treasure our "little brown dogs".


Do you feel like you're 'up a tree' trying to find a Boykin Spaniel pup that doesn't come attached with a contract controlling any future breeding and only partial ownership; or mandatory training stipulations?

Here at Hunters Rest Kennels, our contract is a handshake along with your word to follow the code of ethics of the Boykin Spaniel Society and to have your dog tested for genetic flaws in hips, eyes, and heart before breeding.

Our dogs are from old genetically sound, established hunting lines. The desire to hunt is bred into every pup. Their chiseled good looks along with rich wavy to curly coats insure that your next pup will be the true Boykin.

Best afield,
Nancy Boykin